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University of Lima welcomes Cadia Startup Exchange

Since Cadia Startup Exchange Team is already in Lima, Peru and they are preparing for the Live presentation events on 27th, there is another presentation that took place a few days ago in the local university.

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The University of Lima Incubator launched a conference where the Director presented the path that the Incubator is following to assist the students in all ways for their entrepreneur endeavors. During the speech Cadia Startup Exchange’s representative Roberto Obradovich had a presentation explaining the latest innovations in business funding and what alternative ways of funding the startups exist. Along with other authors the slides were presented in front of more than 200 students eager to learn and develop their skills in bringing their Startups to success.

Apart from Cadia Startup Exchange there were four different presentations of other funding companies and all of them were a mind blowing success.

During the event the audience also took part in reviewing 1 app, 1 software for a B2B service and one patent of generating renewable energy with mirrors and vapor and one patent of a system for cars already tested, sold and selling that reduces gasoline consumption by 22%. They all have prototypes ready and more than 2 years R&D.

The renewable energy patent had more than 5 years R&D. The owner has spent $70,000 family money, for example and didn’t use any alternative funding options. Interested in the Cadia Startup Exchange’s proposal he now considers the alternative ways of funding as a much more prospective way to accumulate the funds he needs to further develop the product.

Right after the presentations finished up, the speakers have opened a questions and answers session with the students where they could freely speak with the management of Cadia Startup Exchange and express any concerns they’ve got towards creating the sustainable business machine they desire. All of the possible financing options have also been discussed between each other.

Since most of the questions during the Q&A session have been directed to mr. Roberto Obradovich, he said his expectations are that the greatest share of the people would also visit Cadia Startup Exchange’s live events on Wednesday 27th of May.