Annual virtual crowdfunding summit 2015

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Just a few days ago Cadia Startup Exchange were invited to another great event but this time as a guest speaker. MANOLIS SFINAROLAKIS, FOUNDER, CROWDFUNDING EVANGELIST - Founder of Reality Crowd  TV will take an active part in the event. That’s something that will be done for the first time in history and as the euphoria from startups and investors approaches it’s highest levels then it is time for such a long term event that will explain everything in the smallest details.

Crowdfunding event online

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Like many immigrants, Manolis and his family moved to the United States to live out the American dream. As a small boy, Manolis watched his parents navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of becoming entrepreneurs as they launched Constantine’s, a family-owned and funded Greek restaurant.

This has never been done before – 3 weeks virtual event with the leaders in the industry. Each week is dedicated to different types of crowdfudning and Cadia Startup Exchange is going to take part in the equity crowdfunding discussion. Speaker will be Jure Valant. Attendees have the unique opportunity to get first-hand information about the structure of the platform of the company, processes behind the integrated system, understanding of the legal structure and much more.

All Cadia Startup Exchange staff is delighted to hear that the company will take part in such a tremendous event since it will definitely help in raising awareness of the latest innovations in business funding for Startups and small business entrepreneurs. With integration of the secondary market platform this gets even more attractive for bigger companies as well!

Looking at the schedule of the event which starts at 9am on November 30th most of the crowdfunding aspects will be covered including: Global, Equity, Royal and Debt crowdfunding.

Attendees will be explained the details very thorough since the speakers are chosen amongst the leaders in the industry. The detailed schedule of the whole virtual event could be found HERE.

The event will cover all topic related to crowdfudning: form different types (equity, donation and reward-based models), to managing campaign marketing, lean startup bootcap and mucho more.

Tickets are at extremely affordable price and the event is open for crowdfunding enthusiasts from all over the world, it is a global event with industry experts. Cadia’s representatives encourage all interested parties to join if they want to become experts in crowdfunding!

Hoping to see you online!