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Jure Valant is the owner of Cadia Holding (Cadia trademark rights), Kadia EOOD and StartUp University IBU and the managing shareholder of Cadia Yachts S.A., Cadia Startup Exchange and Cadia Maritime.

His professional role and priority for action is to strive for innovation in all areas of action. First and foremost, this means a flexible and creative approach to overcoming the obstacles of a company, and represents the development of a new business ideology world-wide. Jure’s professional role is also to organize and coordinate all organizational structures and working groups within Cadia trademark, as they represent the development and physical manifestation of ideas. Jointly with other management board members he also adopts and confirms most important decisions for success and sound development of Cadia Holding.

He completed his studies in economics in Slovenia. Between 1998 and 1999, or at the very beginning of his professional path, Jure tried himself in a classical business setting as a consultant with Merkur d.d. However, he soon realized that in that kind of environment he could not develop further and express all of his potential and ideas. He might have made the most important decision of his life in 2003 when he established his second company, ArakSkupina d.o.o. Its head office was in Slovenia and it offered effective business solutions for individuals and companies. By 2008, his business spread abroad to countries of former Yugoslavia, establishing branches in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.

In 2005, Jure established a company in New York, called ArakGroup LLC, which spread his business across the globe. As the owner and CEO of the company, he decided to sell it when it reached its peak performance in 2008. Even before that, in 2006, Jure began participating actively in establishing the Cadia Holding company and its business system.

About four years ago, his business ambitions took him to the United Arab Emirates, where he added additional value to his international business expertise. Better business conditions and a more attractive climate were probably the reasons why Jure decided to move there permanently.

In his business career, he has had a unique possibility to put his theoretical knowledge into practice in his own creative ways. His valuable, rich experiences that go with international business are priceless today and have powerfully shaped his personality. Due to this, we can say that in spite of his young age he has everything that great businessmen have – everything that is required of a great leader, strategist, innovator and researcher: sound judgement, determination, focus, creative mind, values and financial freedom. He is a visionary with a purpose: to transform companies so they function better, with less costs, and are more user- and owner-friendly.

In 2006, Jure Valant established International Business University, which was renamed into, and is known today as, StartUp University IBU. Initially the university provided online seminar for entrepreneurs and investors. In the end of 2013 it transformed into a StartUp University IBU -Startup Business Club offering members various premium services.

Cadia Yachts S.A. is established in 2013 with the aim to change the maritime industry forever by presenting the first real fast electric yacht in the world – Elan 50Cadia. Cadia Yachts S.A. uses Cadia Business Model which allows selling the shares on Cadia Startup Exchange.

2014 is going to see the birth of Cadia Startup Exchange which is a 24/7 startup stock exchange platform connecting startup companies and small businesses with investors. Cadia StartUp and Cadia Startup Exchange are 2 platforms integrated into 1 system where entrepreneurs and investors have the perfect opportunity to raise money for their startup business or invest in different companies. After companies collect the funds Cadia automatically lists the company to Cadia Startup Exchange where investors can resell their shares. Cadia organizes all the processes from company incorporation to accounting services and money management.

The most recent business established by Jure Valant is Cadia Maritime which sells luxurious textile and bedding products for yachts such as towels, pillows, sheets etc.

In his free time, Jure writes books. So far, he has published four books: Finančna svoboda 1 (Financial Freedom 1), Finančna svoboda 2 (Financial Freedom 2), Top 5 online poslov (Top 5 Online Businesses) and Offshore Business. Apart from that, he has also published numerous articles on entrepreneurship, international business and acquiring financial licences in financial magazines and newspapers. Transferring his knowledge to an audience of one hundred people and more at once, he has also given lectures at various seminars.

He speaks Slovene and is fluent in English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian and Serbian.



Todor Zhivkov gained his professional experience by constantly striving for knowledge and improvement. He has always strongly believed in and practiced integrity, responsibility and loyalty towards his company and its clients. He graduated in economy from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and began his career in 1998 as a trade representative for international company that was a leader in air conditioning and heating equipment. His responsibilities included accounting and business development activities with Greek business partners. In 2005, he moved to the subsidiaries of a holding company with a wide range of activities that allowed him to gain richer experience and skills. He worked on a project to create a new chart of accounts, which helped the company to centralize accounting management and reporting activities. After successfully completing the project, he decided to seek a new challenge. In 2007, he joined a restaurant and food service industry as Chief Accountant. From 2010 till 2012, he worked as a self-employed accountant managing accounts of companies in construction business. In 2013, he joined the team of CADIA company. He speaks Bulgarian and English, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.