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Cadia Startup Exchange welcomes the Prospectus Directive


Banking and Finance

European Commission

As a founding member of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association, we at Cadia Startup Exchange are excited to take our share at filling up and redistributing the public consultation on the review of the Prospectus Directive that is being submitted since a few months already.

We encourage our friends to follow the link and take an active part in the process of expressing their opinion in the areas of Market efficiency and Investor and Consumer protection.

Since opening up the discussion we have been encouraging all of Cadia Startup Exchange‘s members, associates, representatives and related parties to be proactive since the changes that we could induce will take a huge impact on European market policies for the near future. We must be open minded and look for changes since on a global scale the market dynamics constantly increase.

The survey takes approximately one hour to complete. It is divided in a few sections and Cadia Startup Exchange took a very proactive part in filling it up along with all the other members of the board of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association. Together with few of the other members we submitted to the authorities a final version of the file which expressed our thoughts on the public consultation launched by the European Commission on its proposal to establish a light prospectus for SMEs (Prospectus Directive). The proposed answer reflects the majority of expressed opinions of EECA founding members although it’s not a consensus.

All forms submitted will be taken into consideration and will be brought to the attention of the respective Authorities. Let’s show that we are an active community and together can contribute for improving the future!