WebSummit Exhibition

WebSummit 2015 selected Cadia Startup Exchange to attend!

It is now official!

WebSummit Exhibition

Sneak peak from WebSummit

After two weeks of preparations and a long application process Cadia Startup Exchange are  delighted to announce their success in being selected among startups from all over the world!
Cadia Startup Exchange has been selected for the Alpha program of the largest Startup event worldwide -WebSummit 2015. This is a huge break through for the company as they are getting enormous exposition at the exhibition stands. Here is just a short summary of the event itself:

Web Summit will run for three days from November 3-5 in Dublin (RDS). The Night Summit will take place across three famous, distinct districts. More details to follow in the coming months.
Web Summit is the meeting place for the most interesting tech companies across all sectors, stages and geographies. It’s the “Davos for Geeks”. Over a two-day programme of networking, learning and storytelling, the world’s most cutting-edge startups, the most experienced investors and the most exciting speakers will mingle and connect in Dublin.
Cadia Startup Exchange is sending out four representatives at the event.
The event is really helpful to startups and investors as well as both parties have the chance to meet in person and discuss future possibilities.
Investor attendees come from a range of backgrounds, have a variety of operating styles and differing primary purposes for attendances. Deal flow. Helping current portfolio. Media exposure. Speaking with corporate acquisition teams. Meeting limited partners. We work to ensure each objective is looked after.
The WebSummit team have also developed a special application to allow much easier connection between startups, speakers and investors since the area of the event is really large and not always live meetings and presentations will be available. That way communication may continue flawlessly. Cadia Startup Exchange team will be looking to establish new relations with possible investors in the company and it’s secondary market as well as attractive startups who are looking for an option to fund their future success. We are totally aware of the countless options investors will look since some of them sponsor. Some speak. Some are looking to deploy funds. Some are looking for funds to deploy. No matter what we will work with each other to make sure they get the maximum return from their time at the event stages.
Speakers at the event will be more than 800 and those are one of the greatest influencers worldwide. Celebrity names include the Vice President of Facebook Dan Rose, Ed Catmull – president of Pixar, Drew Houston from Dropbox and many many others to attract the attention of both startup businesses and investors.
Let us share some of the numbers such as attendees per year:

  • 2010 – 400 attendees
  • 2011 – 1000
  • 2012 – 3903
  • 2013 – 10 242
  • 2014 – 22 119
  • 2015 – more than 30 000 attendees.

It’s clear that this years WebSummit will be a great success to everyone taking part!