cadia stock exchange penetrates equity crowdfunding market

Cadia Startup Exchange Events for Startups & Small Business

cadia stock exchange penetrates equity crowdfunding market

Cadia Startup Exchange successfully delivered a series of prelaunch presentations in Eastern Europe in April 2013. The events were organized in order to present to the audience the startup stock exchange principles and structure along with the numerous benefits for all users – startups, business owners and investors.


During the presentation specific attention was given to the different processes of the system depending on user type. Startup companies, for example, enjoy the benefits of getting listed on Cadia Startup Exchange without having to pay anything in advance. It is only after the project gets sufficient funding that the fees are deducted as small percentage of the amount. As a service provider Cadia Startup Exchange arranges all post-fundraising procedures such as company incorporation, accounting services, licensing, supervisory board etc. The exact fees can be seen on Cadia Startup Exchange website.


Cadia Startup Exchange is not only a stock exchange for startups but it also serves the needs of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which would like to gather additional funds for the business, sell part of it or establish a regulated relationship with investors already found from other sources, for instance, another crowdfunding platform. For these purposes the company owners need to send a presentation of their business to Cadia Startup Exchange for valuation. After this the company is reincorporated as a non-par value share holding company and gets listed on the website where investors are able to view the offering together with all the necessary details and documentation (provided by the business owners). It is important to mention that the process of reincorporation does not in any way affect the usual pace of business conduct as it only changes the company’s structure. The fees for small and medium enterprises can be seen on Cadia Startup Exchange website.


As far as investors are concerned, Cadia Startup Exchange provides the opportunity to buy and sell shares anytime as the platform is accessible 24/7. In order to become an investor on the platform a scanned copy of the passport should be provided along with an original utility bill (according to the Money Laundering Regulations). Cadia Startup Exchange works in compliance with customer due diligence requirements. Investors get voting rights, dividends payout, receive accounting reports and the process of uploading and withdrawing from the stock exchange platform is very simple. No matter what the ownership structure of your company becomes after the IPO, the voting rights of founders and investors are always 49:51. This is organized so that neither party could misuse its power over the business. After the end of the financial year (December 31) the voting for dividends payout / not payout is on January 10. The dividends are paid out to the actual owners of January 15.

Cadia Startup Exchange’s user system is designed in a way that promotes open communication between parties (companies and investors) and encourages transparency and easy access to information at any given time.

Cadia Startup Exchange continues presenting throughout the world so stay tuned! All events are announced in the official Facebook page of the company. If you wish to invite them to your country, please send an email to